Little Known Facts About Dry Herb Vaporizers And Why They Matter

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Some of the points made here will make you say, “Duh, I know,” that’s fine, others won’t. Others will make you scratch your head in disbelief. That’s great too because our goal is to surprise. So read on and find out how your marijuana vaporizer actually works, how it might work better, and why marijuana isn’t the only weed you can use with it.
It is a common misconception that dry herb vaporizer pens create steam by burning the material that is placed inside. If that were the case, we would be talking about smoke, not steam. The truth is that most of the devices available today use convection heating, which means there is no direct contact between the herb and the heating element. Some inferior vaporizers still use conduction (direct contact, therefore easy combustion), but these are gradually being phased out.

Convection heating means the herb is “cooked” – all the good things evaporate and are inhaled, but the material never burns. Research has shown that the level of inhaled THC remains the same, but with far fewer toxins that pollute the vapor. This ensures a cleaner and safer vaping experience.
This is a somewhat debatable point, but most marijuana enthusiasts tend to agree that a dry herb vaporizer high is not as intense as what you get from burning marijuana the old-fashioned way. This is not a bad thing – there is no confusion or couch lock with vaping. However, there is a nice smooth high and a quality euphoric high (as long as you like to vaporize in moderation).

Vape sessions can be messy, especially when a group of people is passing around a badly rolled doobie that unravels at the slightest touch. That is why desktop dry herb vaporizers are IQOS Heets Dubai  great for 420 parties. They are clean and easy to use and guarantee that everyone can partake in the session without too much hassle.

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