How to Paint a Mandala on Silk Using Proven Silk Painting Techniques

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In the event that you have at any point felt attracted to mandalas, you are following some great people’s example with me. I’m a silk craftsman and have gone through the previous 15 years painting mandala workmanship on silk, making my very own style and symbolism with energetic shadings. This fine art is additionally extremely remedial and can numerous applications in the field of recuperating. You may realize that mandalas are great guides for reflection and unwinding thus this article imparts to you how you can make your own customized mandala on silk for that very reason.

To begin with you will require some clear silk and a straightforward casing. You can get yourself a little length of habotai or pongee silk at your nearby specialty store or on the web and 4 lengths of wood to nail together in a basic design to make a square edge. You can append the silk to the casing utilizing some drawing pins.

Get yourself some uncommon liner in a cylinder to make the line plan for your mandala on the silk. This will go about as a boundary for the silk paints and give the plan structure. I would inform getting little tubs concerning maybe red, yellow, blue and possibly a purple and dark silk paint. Ask in the shop for these paints. With this starter choice you can blend most different tones you might want to have for your mandala. You iron the dried texture from the oppositeĀ mandala design and this fixes the paints into the silk.

Ensure you have a couple of clean watercolor brushes to paint your tones onto the silk and a profound range to blend tones in.

So presently you are fundamentally going to utilize the liner to make a line drawing of the mandala and you will apply the paints subsequently inside the lines when the liner has completely dried. It’s somewhat similar to shading in however considerably more inventive.

Above all else give your silk a speedy wash to eliminate any sticky seracin from the silk worms or different synthetics that may have into the texture. Next stretch it onto the silk and don’t be hesitant to pull on the texture. It ought to be truly rigid. Pass on it currently a piece to dry.

Next you will apply your line mandala. You can either follow through a mandala plan you have made for this reason, or essentially draw one freehand on the silk. I propose you mark the middle and define a couple of concentric boundaries as an aide for your mandala craftsmanship.

Presently take the container of liner and gradually and cautiously either follow as per the drawing you have set under the silk or begin to draw freehand on the texture.

Pass on your finished plan to dry for the time being and iron from the converse following day. You would now be able to shading in your plan utilizing the silk paints. Allow your creative mind to go crazy. Be imaginative.

Again pass on your work of art to totally dry and when it is, iron your silk from the converse to fix the tones.

Your mandala painting is currently prepared to hang.

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