Crystal Healing – An Introduction

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Energy and Protection

Everything in the actual world is comprised of energy and data. Energy vibrates at various frequencies however we can’t see this energy since it is vibrating excessively quick for us. Since our faculties are excessively delayed for these vibrations, we just get lumps of data that permits us to see the seat we are perched on, our body, others, etc.

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At the point when you stroll into a room and it seems like you can ‘cut the air with a blade’, this is alluded to as bad energy and moreover, in the event that you go to a gathering, you ideally will feel fervor noticeable all around – or good energy.

Similarly, when we open up our energy places in mending, reflection, petition, perception or working with gems, we are drawing in energy vibrations to us (negative just as sure). It is accordingly important that we shield ourselves from the negative energy.


Establishing is essential to perform before you begin crystal hollow to work with your precious stones as it keeps you in contact with your natural environmental factors. Working with gems will take you onto a higher plane and when you finish your work, on the off chance that you have not grounded yourself in advance, you may encounter a skimming feeling and be enthusiastic (like a mending bend) as you have opened yourself up and could be vulnerable to other’s antagonism.

To ground yourself, take three profundity breaths, sitting with feet solidly on the ground and imagine that there are roots stretching out from the lower part of your feet. They are developing down through the floor, through the earth and directly down through to the focal point of the earth to guarantee that you are completely grounded. To test your establishing, attempt to lift your foot from the floor. On the off chance that you track down this troublesome, you realize you have grounded yourself effectively.


Dear Universe I ask that you encompass me with the unadulterated white light of your heavenly being. Eliminate me from all regrettable vibrations to be scattered in the universe without mischief to any living thing. If it’s not too much trouble, place me in my own brilliant air pocket of complete outright security.


Imagine yourself remaining in a pink air pocket and realize that nothing can enter this air pocket just heavenly white light and genuine love.

White is the shade of heavenly assurance and pink is the shade of genuine soul love.

Purging and Blessing your Crystals

There are numerous ways that precious stones can be purified. Nonetheless, not everything precious stones can be put in water without being harmed so it is significant that you are cautious about the manner in which you purge your gems.

At the point when precious stones are gotten from Interactions all manual purging has been finished. In the event that your gems were acquired somewhere else, you should purge them yourself.

With such a lot of contamination and residue in the climate, it is prompted that a child’s hairbrush is utilized to brush the precious stones, which eliminates the residue as well as delicately invigorates the gem simultaneously.

Precious stones additionally should be honored before use. When the precious stone has been physically scrubbed the accompanying petition is required so the gem is prepared to work with you.

A Blessing

Dear Universe I express appreciation to mother earth for surrendering these precious stones to assist humankind. I ask that the precious stones be honored to deliver all regrettable vibrations to the universe to be scattered without mischief to any living thing.

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